Get Started With An Account Set Up

You’re new to Pinterest & don’t even know where to start? You know Pinterest will be great for your business but you just don’t have the time to learn how to get started. You’re in the right place! An Account Set-Up is way more than just opening the account for you. I’ll give you the building blocks you need to develop a strategy and really understand the platform so you can start seeing real results.

I’ll kick start the set-up by finding out your goals, how much (or little) you already know about Pinterest, what your brand is all about and where you want to take it with our initial email consultation.

Pinterest is a search engine. The first thing I do with my set-up services is in-depth keyword research to see how we can get your brand to start ranking in those search results.

I’ll make sure Pinterest can start learning about who you are too by claiming your website & social media. This involves access to the backend of your website, so please be prepared to give me temporary access to this.

I’ll set up Rich Pins to help you get better visibility

I’ll create 10 – 15 boards that will be the pillar stones of your account. They’ll be well optimized with targeted interest and relevant niche keywords

To help Pinterest begin to index your account and find out what you’re all about, I’ll source and add 5 new relevant high-quality pins to each board.

To help boost your account further, you’ll receive 3 new Pin Templates to help you create branded, eye-catching pins for your blog, services or products.

Another great way to get started is with group boards. It can be tricky to know which ones to join, so I’ll do the leg work for you by sourcing and requesting to join 3-5 relevant, active & high quality group boards

To end the Account Set-Up, you’ll be given strategy advice and pointers for developing your account into a strong, high converting marketing machine.

The Account Set-Up takes between 5 and 10 days. After this, you’ll have 7 days of free email support. This is when you can ask me any of those random questions that pop up while you start to get to grips with Pinterest.

Starting at €499

Prices are listed in Euros. Please contact me if you’d like a converted rate.
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