Pin Design

Pinterest is a visual search engine, so it’s no surprise that you pin images are one of the most important aspects of your strategy. It takes 13 millisecond for the human brain to process images, which is 60 thousand time faster than processing text.

So it’s time for you to up your Pin image game and start getting the saves and clicks that your content deserves

It’s no secret that Pinterest want’s more fresh images than ever before. I’ve done some thorough research and tested the current algorithms ability to recognise duplicate images to see how you can maximise your content’s potential. Creating multiple images per post is still the best way  – when done effectively – is a great way to get more ‘fresh’ content from each post.

Custom pin design:

  • 10 branded pins – €100
    • This includes an altered copy of each design. Final deliverable = 20 pins (€5 per pin)
Premium photos not included in above price. Free stock images will be used in leu of content being provided. Custom pin design does not include titles/descriptions

Custom Canva Templates:

Custom, branded, Canva templates that you can re-use multiple times for future Pinterest content.

  • 5 custom templates €195

Pin Design Portfolio