1. What does a Pinterest Manager do?

I get this quite often when talking to friends and family about my job. I realise unless you already know about Pinterest, a Pinterest Manager won’t necessarily make sense to you!!

As a Pinterest Manager, I can establish, grow, and manage your entire Pinterest account! Some business owners don’t have the time to give Pinterest the attention it needs and are eager to hand over their entire Pinterest Business Account to a professional. Others like to hire a Pinterest Manager and delegate certain tasks to them. Services I offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Converting/Creating a Pinterest Business Account for your Business
  • Auditing an existing account and pointing out strengths and weaknesses, then working with you to refine your Pinterest marketing strategy (or doing it for you)
  • Styling your account so that it reflects your brand and matches the overall look of your website and social media accounts.
  • Designing Pinnable graphics, or “Pins” using a program like Canva
  • Using detailed SEO research and writing keyword-rich descriptions to ensure your Pins, boards, and profile are more likely to be found in search
  • Setting up your Tailwind account and Pin scheduling (both your own content and other related Pins)

2. Why should I hire a Pinterest Manager?

There’s no denying that Pinterest has the power to grow and drive traffic to your business. With an increasing number of engaged users looking to buy through this platform and discover new content, you definitely want to get your brand on board! But the complex ever-changing nature of Pinterest can overwhelm small business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to a point where they’re often put off from using it.

You have so many other demanding aspects of your brand to deal with, Pinterest usually falls low on the priority list. Handing over your Pinterest-related tasks to someone who lives it can free up your valuable time while also allowing you to benefit from the growth it brings!

By hiring a Pinterest Manager, you’ll find more time to focus on the aspects of your business that are making you money. You will have more time for creating content and engaging with your audience, designing products for your customers, or providing services to your clients.

Hiring a Pinterest Manager means you eliminate the burden of trying to figure out the latest trends in Pinterest – because your Pinterest Manager will already know! When you don’t have to worry about Pinterest, you can shift all of your attention to parts of your business where you are the expert. If you ask anyone who has teamed up with an awesome Pinterest Manager, they’ll probably tell you how much of a weight was lifted from them, knowing that part of their business was being taken

3. How does a Pinterest Manager track time spent managing my account?

If I’m honest, I don’t. I work on a project until completion, rather than to a set amount of hours. For this reason, I charge my clients a flat fee or package price.

By offering my services in this way, I commit to assisting my client for a set amount. You pay me to complete a project or manage your Pinterest account, and I work for you until that task is complete! Whether it takes me one hour, one day, or one week to complete the work, I will deliver the agreed-upon results at the agreed-upon cost.

4. How much does it cost to hire a Pinterest Manager?

I offer project rates and retainer fees for every phase of your Pinterest business account (Set up, optimization, and maintenance). That doesn’t mean I leave you in the dark though! We’ll discuss each phase thoroughly and determine a plan that suits you and your business!

The rates charged for each of my services and packages are not random figures plucked from the air. I have put a huge amount of thought into these to ensure you get the best service, for the best price. I consider my skills, the length of time estimated to complete the work, the complexity of the task, the size of each client’s account, and any advanced programs I might need to complete the project.

You can click here to view my rates or contact me at any time for a free customized estimate. I could talk about Pinterest forever with potential clients, so if you have any questions I would love to hear from you!

5. Are there any additional costs to consider?

This is a question I recommend you ask any virtual assistant – no matter what area they specialize in – As there may be some additional costs to consider.

A reputable Pinterest Virtual Assistant will disclose as many of these as possible before asking you to sign on with them. If you hire me, there are a couple of costs you will need to consider.

Stock Photos

If you do not provide me with your own stock photos or photos you have taken yourself, I will need to source these myself and the fee varies depending on which stock photo site we decide on – this is a completely added optional – but I talk about this more in my next point!


I advise all of my monthly clients to have a Tailwind+ subscription and they are to maintain those payments themselves.

Tailwind is the Ying to Pinterest’s Yang and when tied in with my custom strategy, it allows us to make sure your account is active at the most optimal times for your audience. Once you have signed up, you can leave the rest of the setup to me so it’s not one more thing you have to stress about.

They have two options, pay monthly or pay yearly. The yearly plan gets you 4 months for free and works out a lot cheaper. It also allows me to do more with your account.

All of my clients have access to discounted tailwind packages. If you’d like more information about this, please email me.

*Tailwind currently doesn’t issue refunds on early cancellations – this is out of my hands.

6. Can a Pinterest Manager provide photos for my Pins?

When creating pins for my clients, I will need to use relevant images to make them eye-catching enough for your potential customers to click on. I can do this several ways;

  • My clients provide a selection of photos for me to use in my Pin design. This can be a photo that you’ve taken or one that you’ve obtained from a stock photo website.
  • My clients can provide me with virtual access to their own library of images. This is usually done either by granting download permission from their website or social media or by link sharing to their business google drive file.
  • My clients can provide me with access to a stock photo website. In this case, it is the client’s responsibility to pay for the stock photo membership or pay per photo. This option can become rather expensive if you’re having a large batch of Pins created, so it may be a good idea to investigate websites that offer free use of their stock photos. There are some decent ones out there (like Unsplash and Pexels) that offer free use of their photos for both personal and commercial use

7. What type of communication can I expect from my Pinterest Manager?

Due to the time difference between New Zealand (where I’m based) and the rest of the world, I usually get to know my clients through email. However, I am more than happy to schedule a time slot for a WhatsApp phone call if that’s something you would prefer. If you decide after our initial contact that you’d like to work with me, I will email a brief summary of our conversation (if we spoke on the phone) and outline the details we discussed (needs, goals, planned services, cost, timeline, etc.).

If you agree that this all looks good, I will use the summary to draft a contract. After we’ve both signed the contract, it’s time to start the client onboarding process!

Before I can get to work on your Pinterest account, I will need to spend a little time gathering some background information from you. This is usually done via email with my onboarding form.

After that, communication between me and my client might only include brief email exchanges unless specifically requested by the client. I may reach out to you with a brief clarification question from time to time, or to seek your approval on something I’ve created before proceeding with the rest of a project. I also deliver my work, send my invoices and distribute the monthly reports (for clients on monthly packs) by email.

Phone calls can be scheduled as the need arises, but once we have a system up and running, due to the time difference, you’ll often find emails to be the most efficient means of communication.

8. Can you guarantee results?

Unfortunately, I can’t. This is not a word I use often but in this instance, I have to in order to be upfront and honest. I would also advise you to steer clear of anyone trying to sell you the promise of explosive growth on Pinterest. For me that’s a red flag, signaling that they either don’t understand how Pinterest works, or that they are trying to scam you.

Although I have seen significant results with clients in the past, each business is different and results vary. While I can’t guarantee that I will get you a certain number of new followers in the first month or a percentage of increased traffic within a brief time frame, I will say this: I genuinely believe in the power of Pinterest to grow your business over time. If you establish your brand on the platform and consistently take the right steps to build your presence on Pinterest, you will see results.

9. OK, so how long will it take until I see some results?

Pinterest is not the platform for seeking viral success overnight. When you hire a Pinterest Manager, you are essentially making a long-term investment in your business or blog.

The work we do with your Pinterest account now lays the foundation for the growth you’ll start to experience three, six, or even twelve months from now.

have seen growth within a few weeks before – with one of my clients seeing 200+ clicks in their first few weeks – but this is not the norm. Pinterest is a notoriously slow-moving and ever-changing platform that should be compared more to google, than Instagram. It can take a few months to get any sort of traction with a new management strategy. This is the reason I require all clients who hire me on a monthly basis to commit to at least three months with me. Every Pinterest account is different, and while it’s not common, it can sometimes take six months or more to learn what works.

10. I am located outside of the EU. Can you still work with me?

I would love to! This is one of the reasons I love working remotely, distance is not an issue and I get to help clients from all over the world. The virtual nature of my business allows me to provide services worldwide. When looking to hire a Pinterest Manager you should hire someone based on who you feel will deliver the best services for your business. As long as there is no language barrier between us, where you are in relation to me isn’t a concern.

11. How do I know that my business and personal information will remain safe?

Confidentiality is essential to the success of both my business and yours.

I take all matters of privacy and security very seriously. This is why I recommend you sign up for LastPass, a free password-sharing tool that allows me to access your accounts without me actually seeing your password. It also allows you to revoke my access once our contract has ended.

However, my client onboarding system is very secure and is seen by nobody other than myself. Any sensitive information that you share with me will be handled with the utmost care and then disposed of securely at the end of our working relationship.

12. When can we get started?

Whenever you’re ready! Not sure if you’re ready to hire a Pinterest Manager? You can contact me here and I’ll answer any questions you might still have! I’d love to hear from you!


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