Jalynn Schroeder

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a powerhouse for bloggers. We all know food and fashion niches do crazy well but what about the smaller, lesser-discussed, niches? 

When Jalynn Schroeder first contacted me, I was blown away by her passion for her businesses. It was inspirational and I knew her brand was one I could get behind.

At the time, she was running a beauty affiliate business with a strong lean on spirituality & personal growth: A unique combination of content that was going to require a solid keyword strategy inorder to grow on Pinterest.

Jalynn did have a Pinterest account already but on top of her blog, her business, a podcast, Instagram, TikTok… and a family, she was juggling a lot. Understandably, the account was sitting unloved and she was ready to change that.

Jalynn’s Goal

Increase brand visibility and create some consistency on a platform that she knew her audience were on.

So let’s take a look at where the account was to where it is now, a year later.


The account had undergone a few niche changes over the years, so when I first started working with Jalynn it was stuck in limbo between her old fashion blog and her business. The new website had only just been claimed so in essence we were starting from scratch, despite there being live pins on the account and thousands of followers

Impressions: 0
Saves: 0
Engagement: 0
Outbound Clicks: 0

A totally fresh slate.


The very first thing we did was a complete overhaul of her account to make it align with her new business and brand message. This meant a whole new bio, board structure and keyword plan to help us efficiently target her audience.

Starting on a fresh slate meant this was pretty easy because there were no issues that needed correcting beyond lack of activity. Once the account was optimised we got to work creating eye-catching and on brand pins for her backlog of blogs, products and podcast episodes.

Within 5 months her account had grown considerably;

Impressions: 7,159
Saves: 24
Engagement: 274
Outbound Clicks: 83


A 48% increase in outbound clicks in less than 6 months. 

A little while after this, Jalynn made a huge change in her business and shifted to focus solely on self care, spirituality and personal development.

Removing the beauty aspect of her brand meant she was niching down even further but with more optimisation and a really targeted strategy we continued to see growth after the initial niche-swap-drop.


After just over a year of working with Jalynn, we continue to fine tune the strategy after the recent niche change. Jalynn is focusing on developing a strong blog and content plan that aligns with her new audience and as always, her passion shines through.

Her outbound clicks in July are up by 100% when compared to July the previous year and with over 12,000 followers her engagement continues to climb, this is shown in her saves which are also up by 122%.

Why It Worked

Changing niches can be a huge deal on Pinterest. If you’re not prepared, it can confuse the algorithm, cause drops and make growth more difficult.

Jalynn gave me plenty of notice about upcoming changes, so we were able to intertwine things and make the transfer much smoother than she’d seen previously.

We had a strong list of keywords to target and by focusing on what her audience were actually looking for on Pinterest – rather than what we thought they were looking for based on Instagram engagement – we were able to show up in their search results relatively quickly.

While I don’t often use Idea Pins, Jalynn consistently creates great videos for her Instagram so we wanted to try repurposing them and they worked really well on her account, especially once links were added. They worked towards boosting her brand awareness and the best performing ones continue to bring people to her website and hundreds of new followers each month. Although they are no longer apart of our updated strategy due to Pinterest changes.

The keyword research has also helped Jalynn create Pinterest-focused content which went a long way to helping boost her growth, and will continue to do so in the coming months.

Top; snapshot of 30 day Idea Pin analytics. Bottom; example of the Idea Pins used and their 30 day analytics.

Tips For The Reader

  • If you’re a small niche, be true to it. Niche down and focus on what your audience really wants and not what you think they want
  • Make sure your account is well optimised
  • Create blog content specifically for Pinterest to really push growth further

What Jalynn Says;

I love working with Leah! Pinterest was something I wanted to focus on more but I just didn’t have the bandwidth to add another thing to my plate. She makes my life so much easier by using the content I already have and makes it “pinable”. We have seen great growth and I’m excited to see what the future holds!


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